Witch with the wings of an angel.

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                    ”and when i’m with y o u, so close to feeling a l i v e.”

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I have so much anxiety. Like what exactly is a lease? A mortgage? How many different types of insurances do you need? How do you find out which one is better than the other? How do you do taxes? What’s the irs? How the fuck do I do adult things? I can’t live with my parents forever? They didn’t teach me this shit in school? Fuck.

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❝ I don’t think there’s any such thing as male objectification,” Manganiello added with a shrug when asked about his own voyeur-inviting nudity. “I think that word exists only with women because there are societal pressures for them to behave a certain way and to look a certain way. Someone put it to me once: Women are sex objects and men are success objects. That was really interesting to me. ❞

Joe Manganiello is the new face of Feminism

Shirtless werewolves: thinking more about feminism than Shailene Woodley

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Lemme find out my fine ass childs father is intelligent as hell!

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❝ Wait…What? ❞

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Color Spectrum of the DC Universe

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He looks so strange without the mustache. 

You mean damn fine.