yeah…im tough….i’ve got some scars…..*shows u my belly button* this one i got from being in the womb for 9 months….had to remove my umbilical cord…rough times but im still standing…

You worried about your dad?
They’re not back yet.

lea michele 


Confident (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Justin Bieber

Favourite music videos 1/ ∞
Justin Bieber - Confident ft. Chance The Rapper

we live in cities you’ll never see on screen, not very pretty but we sure know how to run things. living in ruins of a palace within my dreams, and you know, we’re on each other’s team

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white teeth teens are up for it

i know you love it when the hairpins start to drop

i like your reckoning

but we got our methods and there’s nothing here to stop

to stop this


still sane // lorde

and when you wake up, you’ll find that you can run
be not so sorry for what you’ve done